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Success Stories

Student success stories

Meet the Delaware State University students who have found success landing beneficial internships and lucrative jobs in their field through Career Services.

Intern Stories

William Justice, Movement Science MajorWilliam Justice 

Movement Science Major, 2017
Delaware INBRE

William Justice hopes to one day become a sports physician. During the summer of 2015, William conducted biomedical research within the rehabilitation sciences at the University of Delaware. “This internship means a chance at an opportunity of a lifetime. I will have the privilege of conducting research and learning from some of the best professors. I will expand my network and walk away with many intangibles,” says William.



Leah Dorsey, Mass Communications, 2017Leah Dorsey 

Mass Communications, 2017
VOA60 Intern

Summer 2017, I have an internship with Voice of America through The Washington Center, Washington, D.C. I was fortunate to secure an internship at Voice of America’s Media Lab. I produce 60-second news stories on the world, Africa, America and election news. I am in charge of the production for one to two of these videos daily. The videos are posted on social media and sent to television shows that broadcast in other countries. As a Mass Communications major, I am very excited about this opportunity.



Anthony Walker, Business Management, 2017Anthony Walker 

Business Management Major, 2017
Kellogg Company

I received my internship opportunity by attending the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute, a trip hosted by the Office of Career Services. While at the LDI in D.C., I was interviewed by several fortune 500 companies. Kellogg offered me an internship. My title is Professional Summer Intern in customer marketing of the Morning Foods business unit. I am currently working on a project to develop a digital coupon strategy. I also assist with sales strategies for the Morning Foods business unit.



Khaadim Rider, Sports Management, 2019Khaadim Rider 

Sports Management Major, 2019

I received my internship though the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, a partner organization to Delaware State which helps students gain not only internships but scholarships, and careers as well. I am currently working with the United States Department of Agriculture. My job title is Emergency Management Intern, and my occupation requires me to be a liaison between State Departments and the United States Government. I’ve participated in various projects in my short time here revolving around Emergency Management processes. From this internship I hope to gain multiple contacts, a feel for work within the Government and to also help other students at Delaware State embark on these opportunities.


Danielle Davis, Management Information Systems and Marketing Major, 2017Danielle Davis

Management Information Systems and Marketing Major, 2017
United States Army Research Lab

I attended a Thurgood Marshall information session held in the Career Center. I registered on the website, signed up for their Leadership Conference in November 2016 and later on was contacted to apply for an internship with the Department of Defense. After a few interviews, I was selected to join as an intern in their United States Army Research Lab. In the Army Research Lab, I work under the Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate.



Graduate Stories 

Kalea Phelps, Mass Communications Major, 2015Kalea Phelps 

Mass Communications Major, 2015
Reliable Churchill

Kalea Phelps was hired into the Sales Management Development Program at Reliable Churchill, serving as a beverage distributor in the Baltimore, MD, area. Kalea secured the opportunity through the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C., a trip sponsored by the DSU Office of Career Services. “All of my hard work, conference attendances and networking have paid off and I can see that my degree is in full use,” says Kalea.



Edward Doxen, Social Work Major, 2015Edward R. Doxen III 

Social Work Major, 2015
MGM Resorts International

Edward Doxen, the former DSU Student Government Association president, has accepted a position with MGM Resorts International. He will work as a recruiter with the Talent Management and College Programs. He learned of this opportunity while at the HBCU Market Place Career Fair in Washington, D.C., while on a sponsored trip by the Office of Career Services at Delaware State University. Edward had previously worked as a human resources intern for Sallie Mae as a student at DSU. “I look forward to being a part of employee engagement, philanthropy and diversity within MGM International Resorts,” says Edward.


Tamara Wills, Movement Science Major, 2015Tamara Wills 

Movement Science Major, 2015
Columbia University

Tamara Wills will attend Columbia University for its Master’s Program in Occupational Therapy. Her ultimate goal is to work in a rehabilitation center treating injured and disabled patients while ensuring functional independence. While a student, Tamara worked as an intern at a rehabilitation center and was extended an offer; however, she decided to attend graduate school. “In order to find yourself, you must lose yourself in the service of others,” says Tamara.



Christopher Williams, Mass Communications Major, 2015Christopher Williams

Mass Communications Major, 2015
Delaware 87ers

Christopher Williams was offered an account executive position with the 87ers. During his senior year, Christopher participated in the Alumni Mentoring program sponsored by the Office of Career Services and Alumni Relations. “This is a great opportunity, even though I was not expecting the offer. Delaware State University put their reputation on the line for me and I am grateful,” says Christopher.



Tyasia Price, Management Major, 2015Tyasia Price

Management Major, 2015
Walt Disney World

Tyasia Price hails from Queens, NY, and decided to explore career options at Walt Disney World and its family of companies. Tyasia will join the Disney College Program and network opportunities through Disney’s customer service jobs. “This opportunity may lead to other opportunities for me. I envision working for a top company and this is my foot in the door to something great,” says Tyasia.



Elias Rivera-Santiago, Spanish Education Major, 2015Elias Rivera-Santiago 

Spanish Education Major, 2015
Milford School District

Elias Rivera-Santiago accepted an offer with Milford High School in Milford, DE, as a Spanish teacher. This job means the world to Elias since he had always dreamed of teaching. Given that Elias is a Milford High School graduate, he is now able to touch and transform others’ lives as well. “Delaware State University has opened up an opportunity for me to build an outstanding career,” says Elias.