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Undergraduate Students

Explore what you need to get started on your journey toward a DSU degree! If you are starting your journey as a traditional undergraduate student in your first year, below you will find what you need to know about the University’s admissions requirements and application process. If you have questions, contact your Admissions Counselor. They are ready to help you!

  1. Review DSU admissions requirements.
  2. Create an account to get started on your online application and pay the $35 application fee.
  3. Forward your SAT or ACT test scores to the Office of Admissions.
  4. Mail your official high school transcript to the Office of Admissions.

    Office of Admissions
    1200 North DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901
    302.857.6351 |  800.845.2544  |  302.857.6352 (fax)
    admissions [at] desu.edu


We recommend that you follow a college preparatory curriculum in high school. Admission may be granted to applicants who have:

  • A certificate or diploma from an accredited four-year school or senior high school.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.
  • Test scores of 800 on the SAT (math and critical reading combined), test scores of 800 or above (after concordance) on the 2016 redesigned SAT (math and critical reading combined), or a 17 or better composite score on the ACT.
  • Completed the required 19 minimum course units with a “C” or better. 
Minimum Undergraduate Admissions Requirements
4 units
Writing, Literature and Oral Communication
3 units
Courses must include Algebra I & II and Geometry or the equivalent (recommend a fourth higher math course)
2 units
One World History and one other History
Social Studies:
1 unit
Civics, American Government, Economics, Geography or Psychology (two units recommended)
3 units
Courses with a laboratory. Must include one or more of the following: Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics
Foreign Language:
2 units
Recommend within the same language. If within the same language, there must be course progression
4 units
May include any additional class from subject areas listed above or Art, Theatre/Drama, Music and/or Computer Science

Non-Graduates of High School

Delaware State University will consider your application for admission if you have satisfied high school graduation requirements under the General Education Development (GED) test, once you have completed 12 semester hours of transferable college coursework and met the University’s transfer admission requirements. You must submit a notarized copy of your GED certificate with your application and fee to be considered for admission.

Project Success Program

Should your test scores fall below the University’s admission standards, an offer of conditional acceptance may be extended contingent upon your enrollment in and successful completion of the Project Success Program. The Office of Admissions extends this offer at its discretion as seats in the program are limited.

Jumpstart Program

Our Jumpstart Program is a five week residential summer and cultural enrichment program that provides a transitional opportunity for first-year students who will enter the University during the fall semester. Students with a cumulative high school GPA of 2.7 or better are invited to participate in the program.

Honors Program

The Delaware State University Honors Program provides learning opportunities to motivated and committed students who have excelled in high school and want to challenge themselves academically in college. To be considered for admission to the Honors Program, students must submit an application for admission to the University and an Honors Program application.

Learning Communities

For incoming freshmen, Delaware State University offers a unique opportunity to help make the transition from high school to college life a lot easier. Form new friendships — and feel a sense of belonging on campus — by joining one of Delaware State University’s Learning Communities.