English Placement Test Help

If you experience an issue when entering Banner Self Service, contact Delaware State University IT Help Desk at 302.857.7028

If you experience a technical issue within the test delivery system, contact Customer Support:
Hours (Eastern Time):
Monday-Friday: 9:00am -5:00pm
Phone Number: 866-607-5223

Email: accuplacer [at] collegeboard.org (General)

            info [at] accuplacer.org (Technical Support)

If you need to consult with someone prior to New Student Orientation, please contact DSU Admissions.

Telephone: 302-857-6351

Email: admissions [at] desu.edu.

If you have a financial aid question, please contact DSU Financial Aid.

Telephone: 302-857- 6250  

Email: faid [at] desu.edu.

If you need to contact University College.

Telephone: 302-857-7201

If you have any questions about special accommodations (documentation required), please contact University College Student Accessibility Services.
Telephone: 302-857-6898
Email: aksmith [at] desu.edu

If you have any questions about the placement test, please contact Testing Services and Programs.

Telephone: 302-857-6144

Email: testing [at] desu.edu