DSU English Placement Test

Accessing the English Placement Test for the First Time

Placement Testing for Incoming Freshmen and New Transfer Students
English Placement Test (EPT)
Testing window: March 15, 2017 – June 1, 2017
  1. Sign-on to Banner Self Service with your D# and PIN. English Placement Test Step 1
  2. Click the Student Services Tab.
    English Placement Test Step 2
  3. Click the DSU English Placement Test Link.
    English Placement Test Step 3
  4. If you are not authorized to take the assessment you will get the message below. Otherwise you will be redirected to the ALEKS Website.
    English Placement Test Step 4
  5. The link will open the DSU English Placement Test login screen.
  6. Username: Newstudents
  7. Password: Passtest2
  8. Click  Login
  9. Password Expires: June 29, 2017
  10. Read the College Board System Student Privacy Policy and ACCEPT to continue.
  11. The Student must enter their Student ID, and confirm the same number in the Confirm Student ID field
    Student EPT Login
  12. Student Information Page 2:  First Name- Middle Name- Last Name- Address 1- Address 2- Country- State- City- Zip/Postal Code- Email Address- Home Phone Number- Mobile Phone Number- Gender- How do you describe yourself/ Ethnic Background
  13. Choose Save after you have completed all of the questions
  14. Please read the student instructions:
  15. On the next screen, from the Administer New Test Session choose from the Branching profile drop-down menu and select DSU English Placement Test
  16. Click “Administer Test
  17. The View Tutorial option in the top right-hand corner gives information on how to use the mouse & keyboard- how to take a multiple-choice test - how to take an essay test
  18. Writeplacer: Candidates will plan and write a multi-paragraph essay
  19. Reading Comprehension: Test measures your ability to understand what you read
  20. Please complete this test before your scheduled NSO date!!!


If you have any questions about special accommodations (documentation required), please contact University College Student Accessibility Services.
Telephone: 302-857-6898
Email: aksmith [at] desu.edu
If you have any questions about the ALEKS math assessment or the English Placement Test, please contact Testing Services and Programs.
Telephone: 302-857-6144
Email: testing [at] desu.edu