Free Resources for All Students

Delaware State University offers many FREE RESOURCES available to all students, regardless of disability status. In order to help students navigate available tools and resources, SAS has compiled the (non-exhaustive) list below. Students are encouraged to use any and all resources they feel would be helpful.

FREE DSU Resources

  • Tutoring Center
    • Small group and one-on-one tutoring for a variety of courses
  • Quantitative Reasoning Center
    • Math tutoring in courses ranging from Developmental Math through Calculus 1
  • Department-based Math Tutoring
    • Math tutoring for students who need assistance in their math courses
  • Writing Studio
    • Writing tutoring for any course that requires writing
  • Financial Aid
    • Helpful information about financial aid including FAFSA, taxes, applying for aid, navigating the student loan environment, etc.
  • Counseling Services
    • Individual and group counseling covering a wide range of student-centered topics
  • Learning Communities
    • Voluntary groups offered to first-year students linking two or more courses across disciplines based on a common theme to promote integrative learning
  • Career Services
    • Career exploration, resume assistance, preparation for job interview and the job/internships search process
  • Student Health Services
    • Offers health care to all full-time residential and commuter undergraduate and full-time residential graduate students
  • Academic Advisor
  • University Testing Services and Programs
    • Provides a variety of programming to engage and promote student success and testing credentialing certifications; accomplished through the use of written, computer-adapted assessments, workshops, and testing instruments
  • Student Organizations
    • There are a variety of student interest groups offering opportunities for leadership and community building
  • Campus Ministries
    • A variety of groups representing different communities of faith on campus
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
    • A collaborative peer learning environment offered for historically difficult classes. SI Leaders offer group study sessions for a non-remedial approach to learning