Delivering the Accommodation Letter

Any student who has received an Accommodation Letter from Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is responsible for providing a current copy of that Letter to any Faculty or Administrator who is involved in providing the accommodations listed in the letter. Accommodations are not in place until the Faculty or Administrator has received a current copy of the Accommodation Letter. In addition, accommodations are not retroactive. Therefore, students are encouraged to deliver copies of their Accommodation Letter as early as possible.

Students should follow these steps when delivering their Accommodation Letter:

  • Meet with the Professor or Administrator during their office hours.
    • Students who have a class during their scheduled office hours are to contact the Professor/Administrator and ask for an alternate time.
  • Explain that you are registered with SAS and provide a copy of your Accommodation Letter for the Professor/Administrator to keep.
    • Students are never required to share any private information such as diagnosis, symptoms, etc. with their Professor/Administrator during this meeting.
  • Discuss the accommodations listed on the Accommodation Letter that you will be using in their class.
    • Student need to be sure to discuss all accommodations within a reasonable amount of time before they would like to use the accommodation.
    • If the Professor/Administrator has any questions about the accommodation(s) or how they should be facilitated refer them to Ann Knettler-Smith, Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services.
  • Have Professor/Administrator sign the “Acknowledgement of Receipt of Accommodation Letter” Form.
    • The student should collect all Professor/Administrator signatures and return this form the SAS.
  • Filling out the “Testing Accommodations Form”:
    • If the student receives testing accommodations and the Professor/Administrator would like the student to test with the Testing Services and Programs Office (TSP), the Professor/Administrator should fill out the testing information in the Testing Accommodations Form.
    • The information, including the timing of the exam, should take into account the accommodations listed on the Accommodation Letter.
    • The student should use this information to schedule exams with the TSP in advance.
  • Filling out the “Plan of Action” Form:
    • If, during the conversation with the Professor/Administrator, the student collaboratively develops a plan for how accommodations will be appropriately provided the Professor/Administrator should indicate the plan on the form.
    • Sometimes accommodations may not require a specific “plan” in order to be provided appropriately.
  • “Testing Accommodations Form” and “Plan of Action” Form (same document) should be kept by the student.