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Supplemental Instruction Program

Our mission is to increase student persistence and success in historically difficult courses by providing a collaborative peer-learning environment that improves understanding of subject content, fosters critical thinking, and strengthens study skills.

All students who have a SI Leader assigned to their course should attend the study group sessions for a non-remedial approach to learning in a “safe and neutral” environment.

Students attending SI study group sessions can expect:

  • SI Leaders to be prepared with engaging activities covering the most difficult concepts from class.
  • To learn how-to-learn while learning what-to-learn by working collaboratively with peers in an inclusive and unintimidating environment.
  • To develop effective study skills strategies and how to prepare for tests.

Students attending SI study group sessions should come prepared with:

  • Course textbook and notes.
  • Supplemental reading material and assignments.
  • Calculator, pens/pencils, and paper.

Our Peer Educators (SI Leaders) have successfully taken the course and are recommended by the course professor. SI Leaders have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

SI Leaders organize 2 – 3 weekly study group sessions outside of class based on common meeting times of students in the course.

SI Leaders will regularly announce the study group session schedule in class as well as post it on Blackboard and social media.

Other events sponsored by Supplemental Instruction

  • Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies
  • Peer Educator Training