University College

What is the University College?

The University College introduces first-year students to their college experience by providing a collegial and academically enriched environment. As the point of entry for freshmen and incoming transfers, our support programs facilitate ongoing student engagement while promoting intellectual growth and development. The University College encourages social integration through a variety of programs designed to assist students in succeeding during their freshman year, as they progress toward graduation.

While academic progress during the first year at DSU is paramount, the University College is committed to student success at every level. Upon completion of the freshman year, academic advisors will ensure that students experience a successful transition into their degree program prior to the start of their sophomore year.

Housed on the second floor of the William C. Jason Library, our programs are formed to support students academic needs and to help them succeed during their freshman year and beyond.

Visit our FAQ page for more information or contact us via UCInfo [at] (email) or 302.857.7201.

First-Year Academic Advisement

Each of our University College Advisors works closely with each college at DSU. By remaining up to date on all programs and procedures within each college, we can ensure our students will be advised according to their areas of interest. We assist students who require an academic recovery plan, and advise students requiring accessibility services.

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Individual Development Plan (IDP)

We are confident that we can assist you in devising an educational plan and introduce you to career goals that are closely aligned to your academic interests. Your academic advisor will partner with you to build your IDP. Our expectation is that your IDP will keep you engaged and on a solid path to graduate within four years.

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) has been developed to help students build a strong foundation and holistic view of themselves through academic advisement, general education course selection, self-assessment inventories that measure strengths and abilities, student activities and campus involvement.

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General Education

The General Education Program at Delaware State University is predicated on the University’s definition of the educated person. Delaware State University, through its general education curriculum and its specialized major curricula, provides a set of academic experiences designed to produce within students the knowledge, skills and attitudes that empower them to solve problems, clarify values, secure and sustain meaningful professions and careers, and embrace learning as a lifelong process.

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Integrated Academic Support

Integrated Academic Support provides students services to build the skills necessary to succeed during their time at DSU. Our staff, and the various resources we have to offer, are here to help students excel.

University College Advisors

Our University College advisors stand ready and prepared to provide you with a structured and unique experience.

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Tutoring Center

All students seeking extra help in a variety of courses can come to the Tutoring Center to request a tutor. Students may be tutored individually or in small groups, according to the number of requests per subject.

Quantitative Reasoning Center (QRC)

Our mission is to help improve the persistence and success of students in math courses ranging from Intro to Algebra to Calculus I.

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Writing Studio

Our Writing Studio aims to improve the writing skills of students, both undergraduate and graduate, in any course across the curriculum.

Supplemental Instruction Program

Our Supplemental Instruction Program strives to increase student persistence and success in historically difficult courses by providing a collaborative peer-learning environment that improves understanding of subject content, fosters critical thinking and strengthens study skills.

Academic Programs and Workshops

University College offers academic programs and workshops throughout the semester. These programs are open to all students here at DSU and are designed to assist with some of the common challenges that college students face, as well as build upon our students’ existing strengths.

Computer Lab

Students sit at state-of-the-art computers to work on classroom assignments, PowerPoint presentations and various assignments. Students must have a current passcode from DSU’s Computing Office to utilize our computer lab.

College Success Program

Students on Academic Probation or readmitted from suspension are required to participate in the College Success Program that will promote their return to academic good standing.

Credit-Bearing Courses

University College offers the following courses: Learning Strategies for Academic Success, Reading Lab, Speed Reading and University Seminar.

Student Accessibility Services

The mission of University College Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to provide equal opportunities and equal access to education, programs, and activities for all students with disabilities at Delaware State University. SAS works collaboratively with University Partners to foster a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive University community.

In achieving this, SAS collaborates with and empowers individuals who have documented disabilities by working together proactively to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodative measures. In efforts to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) and other current legislation and to eliminate attitudinal barriers against people with disabilities, SAS also provides institution-wide advisement, consultation, and training on disability-related topics, including legal and regulatory compliance, universal design, and disability scholarship.

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Student Resources and Registration

Students with disabilities interested in requesting disability-related accommodations at Delaware State University must provide appropriate documentation and engage in the interactive process with SAS.  Any student already registered with SAS who has questions about accommodations and resources should contact SAS early and often. 

Student Resources and Registration

Faculty and Administrator Resources

Faculty and Administrators are some of our most important allies in ensuring that all students with disabilities are given the opportunity to request accommodations and experience equal access to all aspects of the educational experience here at Delaware State University. SAS offers tailored resources and training for Faculty and Administrators.

Faculty and Administrator Resources

Parent and Family Resources

Delaware State University is committed to fostering an environment of nondiscrimination including but not limited to the recruitment, admission, and treatment of students with disabilities. We understand that you as parents may be accustomed to playing a role in your student’s education and have compiled a list of resources to assist you in the transition.

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My tutor was very patient, took her time explaining and gave me different scenarios so I could understand. Jasmine D., University College Tutoring Center
Expect patience, professionalism and respect.

Summer Bridge Programs

Project Success and Jumpstart are summer programs that help students achieve at DSU. Both programs allow students who may not otherwise feel ready for the move from high school to college to find their footing and develop academically and independently before the start of the fall semester.

Jumpstart Program

Jumpstart Program

The Jumpstart Program is an academic enrichment opportunity for incoming students to smoothly transition in the college lifestyle. This allows incoming students a head start to adjust to the workload and take up to nine credits.

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Project Success

Project Success Program

Project Success sets students up for just that — success. This program allows students who may fall below the admission standards to develop and sharpen their skills during the summer session. This opportunity will leave them ready for the rest of their academic journey at DSU.

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Pay for Summer Bridge Online

  1. Visit our NelNet® Services page to pay your fees.
  2. Log in with the student ID number and PIN. If no PIN has been created, you should be able to click the forgot PIN click here link and it should prompt you to get a new PIN.
  3. Once you are in, select “make payment” from the left.
  4. Scroll down and choose “tuition and other university fees” (hit “pay” on the right-hand side).
  5. Choose “Project Success 2017” or “Jumpstart 2017” as the term (this is very important).
  6. Pay your $500 nonrefundable deposit.

For more information on our summer bridge programs, please contact University College:

talexander [at] (Tiffany Alexander) or dbogle [at] (subject: Summer%20Bridge%20Info) (Dianne Bogle)

Testing Services and Programs

The Testing Services and Programs Office assists DSU students and the surrounding communities in assessing their knowledge, skills and abilities as related to higher and continuing education by providing a variety of programming to engage and promote student success and testing credentialing certifications. This is accomplished through the use of written, computer-adapted assessments, workshops and testing instruments.

Testing Services and Programs

ALEKS Math Placement

The purpose of the assessment is so that you and your advisor know which math courses are best for you to take. Earning a score of 45 or higher means that you are ready to take college-level courses.

ALEKS Math Placement

MyCAA (Military Spouse Career Advancement Account)

Testing Services and Programs provides credentialing exams for a variety of professional certifications through Condensed Curriculum International. These programs are only available to MYCAA eligible participants.

Eligible MYCAA participants will find these programs to be particularly convenient as they are available 100% online and accessible to them from anywhere.

MYCAA Programs