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Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning of Delaware State University maintains a focus on linking professional development to university improvements by offering a variety of services for faculty members and adjunct professors.  The principle mission of the CTL is to improve and teaching and learning across all disciplines. The CTL creates opportunities for university faculty to strengthen teaching efforts through research-based methodologies, professional development experiences, advanced studies and assessment practices that lead to improved teaching and student learning.

We operate as part of the University’s Title III Grant. Title III is a federal government assistance program given to historically Black colleges and Universities. Title III assures equity in educational opportunities for all students. CTL works in conjunction with the Title III office to assure that university faculty are equipped with the tools and resources needed to enrich their teaching in order to increase student learning.
All expenditures submitted by the Center to the Title III office must be allowable under federal guidelines.

Professional Development


The Community Engagement feature of the Blackboard Learning System is available for student, faculty and/or staff groups, clubs or committees.

DSU Blackboard

20-Minute Mentor Commons

The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to offer quick solutions to common classroom challenges with the 20 Minute Mentor Commons Video Library from Magna Publications. These brief videos offer proven strategies in 20 minutes or less.  These videos are accessible from any device and can be viewed from the comfort of your home or office.  In order to enjoy the videos listed for this digital library, members must sign up for their FREE subscription. 

Faculty Assistance

  • rlykens [at] desu.edu (subject: Classroom%20Observation%20Request) (Request a Classroom Observation)
  • rlykens [at] desu.edu (subject: One%20on%20one%20teaching%20consultation) (Request a One-on-One Teaching Consultations)
  • award [at] desu.edu (Contact the Center for Teaching & Learning)

Professional Teaching Travel

Mini-Research Grants

Submitting and procuring research grants is an important part of faculty life. While the CTL offers mini teaching innovative grants it is important for faculty to secure research grants within their fields of discipline. For some tips on how to write grants, please visit, Dr. Melissa Harrington’s (DSU Biology Professor) www.grant-tutor.org site


About the Competition: This competition is open to all full-time, teaching, faculty members at Delaware State University. Mini-grants for trying something different in your teaching, redesigning your course or assessments to improve student learning are available on a competitive basis. Three (3) awards will be made with a maximum of $2,000 for each award. These awards will be used to support course or teaching innovation which improves student learning. The goal of this award program is to impact learning outcomes, student retention or overall student success.

Criteria for Submission (proposal must include):

  • Detailed description of the proposed changes and/or strategy to be implemented.
  • Purpose and rational for the change and/or strategy (i.e. why is this a promising idea for improving student learning?, etc.). Provide a sound basis for the design or strategy to be implemented. Include citations as appropriate.
  • Expected impact on student learning, include the importance of this to the students’ over all academic success.
  • Measurement or evaluation of change/strategy on student learning (i.e. how will you measure the effectiveness of the change and/or strategy?).
  • Detailed budget. Include any student or teaching materials needed.
  • Please limit entire proposal to 5 pages or less. Do not include CV or Resume.
  • Include the course name and number. Preference will be given to 100-200 level courses.

Submit completed proposal to: Center for Teaching and Learning at rlykens [at] desu.edu


Please call 857-6140 for any additional information