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Campus Security

Police talking with students

The Delaware State University Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency throughout the University, responsible for the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors.  The Delaware State University Police Department is a 24-hours, 7 days a week fully operational law enforcement agency, located at 1200 N. DuPont Hwy (Bldg 52), Dover, DE 19901; contact number is 302.857.7911.  Delaware State University Police Department is governed by Policy & Procedure and General Orders Manual, as well as University-wide Policies. The Department consists of armed Police Officers who have the authority to make arrest, and unarmed Security Officers who do not have arrest powers, but the right to detain.


It is the policy of the Delaware State University Police Department to investigate any and all complaints or reports of employee misconduct. Any member, student, employee and/or parent can file a complaint against a member of the DSU Police Department.  When a complaint has been filed from a person outside of the Police Department, the complaint is not needed in writing. Once a complaint has been filed against a department member, the Administrative Lieutenant will conduct a thorough internal investigation of the allegation in accordance with Delaware state law, the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights, and Delaware State University Police Department Policy and Procedures. complaint form.

Police Department also keeps comprehensive records on all law enforcement/security activities and actions, in accordance with the Clery Act federal law: Dover Campus Clery Report

Walking Escort Service

The Delaware State University Police Department is dedicated to the safety and security of the campus community it serves. The Police Department provides an escort service on campus which consists of a walking partner for students, staff, faculty and visitors to or from any location on campus or within the designated escort perimeter. The escort service is conducted by Police Department Personnel and DSU Police Cadets, and is operational nightly. To arrange for escorts, contact DSU Police 302.857.7911, and an Officer/Cadet will be dispatched to your location.  Cadets wear identifiable clothing, to include a DSU Police Cadet Uniform, displaying a patch which reads “Delaware State University Cadet”, and are equipped with a means of communication and a flashlight. 

Safety Corner

  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Walk with a confident attitude.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Walk in a group or take the University shuttle when possible. If those things are not possible, call the DSU Police Department for an escort.
  • When walking alone, make sure to use well-lighted paths and sidewalks while taking the most direct route
  • Use crosswalks and pedestrian crossing signals to safely cross streets
  • All suspicious activity should be reported to the Delaware State University Police Department (302.857.7911) immediately. The timely reporting of information is key to a successful investigation, the recovery of stolen property and a successful prosecution (criminal and/or judicial)
  • Keep your doors locked. Do not prop open residence doors
  • Do not lend your keys, ID card or PDI card to anyone!
  • Report maintenance problems (broken locks, windows, etc.) to Residence Life immediately.  Attend Security Awareness programs held on campus throughout the school year.
  • Identify your valuables! Register your valuables (computer, bicycle, stereo, etc.) with the DSU Police Department
  • Be aware of campus and local crime trends. Remember to educate yourself because you are your best protection