Accounts Payable

Or missions is to provide excellent customer service, continuous process improvement, and ensure all payments/reimbursements are processed timely, accurately and in compliance with established University policies and procedures.

Payment Information

Delaware State University accepts payments from others in the form of cash, check, credit card, or electronic transfer, with the exception of American Express.

Credit Cards

  • Contact Lucie Stairs, University Purchasing Card Administrator, at lstairs [at] or call 302.857.7829 with questions regarding the University purchasing card (used for purchases other than travel).
  • Contact Cheryl Lolley, Associate Controller, at clolley [at] or call 302.857.6210 with questions regarding the University travel card.

Travel and Expense Reimbursement

The Accounts Payable department processes non-payroll reimbursements to University employees, students, and suppliers for business-related travel expenses.  Our primary goal is to provide excellent customer service by: 1) providing clear guidelines regarding allowable travel expenses and 2) processing timely and accurate travel reimbursements that are in compliance with established University policies and procedures.

Vendor Information

Payments are made to vendors after verification of purchase orders, signed invoices and obtaining a receiving notice from Delaware State University Central Receiving.


Appropriate expense

An expense that is suitable or fitting for a particular valid business purpose.

Allowable expense

A necessary, reasonable, and appropriate expense incurred for the primary benefit of University business and therefore permitted to be reimbursed or directly charged based on the permission of the University or by the terms of federally or privately sponsored agreements.

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Fundamental principles of accounting that are used as guidance in the preparation of the University financial statements


Minimum purchase or service required to achieve a particular business objective.


Written or typed information that is required on the receipt, expense reimbursement form, or other document.

Original Receipt

The original merchant receipt or invoice issued by the supplier or service provider to document and substantiates the business transaction. When the original receipt is not available or does not contain adequate information, a cancelled check, credit card receipt, supplier statement, or a paid notice will be accepted


An expense that is ordinary and reflects a prudent decision to incur the expense on behalf of University business. Not extreme or excessive.


Written documentation to support an incurred business expense that includes the original receipt, documentation of business purpose, names of persons in attendance, and appropriate expense report or voucher for the incurred cost.